Fashion Week: Whit, Jason Wu, Yigal Azrouel, Rodarte & Lauren Moffatt

I didn't want to put so many pictures on the same plane, but I couldn't help it. I had so many outfits that I loved from this show that I couldn't narrow it down any further. 

Jason Wu:
I loved this show. He had so many pieces that were just beautiful. Although it makes me a little sad that he used fur (because I'm allergic to all kinds of fur, especially wool, cashmere, and rabbit fur), these looks are SO beautifully constructed and put together. 

Yigal Azrouel:
While I wasn't really crazy about the looks or this show, I did find a few looks that I really enjoyed from his show. The use of baby blue was particularly a favorite of mine. 

Oh my goodness, can I just say how perfect her clothes line is? But really, you should check it out. Let's just say, if I had the money I would spend all of it on her line. In particular, the last dress in the photo series. 

Quite honestly, I had never thought of myself as someone who liked Rodarte. However, this line was quite the opposite for me. This line from Rodarte made me want to look more into their past clothes and their past designes. I loved the design they had for Black Swan and many of their other pieces were just breath taking. 

All pictures taken from here


  1. i really like these posts you do, im not super familiar with a lot of designers, so this helps me learn about them, and who i like!! i love all the looks form lauren moffatt! and the whit collection is really cute too!


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