Fashion Week: Rag and Bone, Charlotte Ronson, Rebecca Minkoff & Rachel Zoe

What I loved about this line was the use of stripes, obviously. I love love love the wrap around in the third photo as well. I'm not sure where I would wear it, but I have no doubt if I find something like it, I would never take it off.

Charlotte Ronson:
I'm loving all the dresses, for the coming seasons. Dresses and tights are some of my favorite looks and I cannot wait to buy more as spring time rolls around. Obviously the use of patterns was very predominant this past fashion week, as was the use of velvet. I'm still not sure how I feel about velvet but will see in the coming months!

Rebecca Minkoff
But really, this line was impeccable. I cannot describe how much I love it. Her use of reds is to die for. I'm loving the different tones of red, and the red pants (I'm looking for a pair right now). 

Rachel Zoe
I loved everything about her show. I love the different colors (hello, emerald green) and the classic-ness about many of the pieces. The first two suits are actually something I could see myself wearing, which is a big deal considering I really couldn't ever see myself wearing a suit. 

Donna Karan:
I loved the architecture of her clothes, which I know sounds a little weird. The way the clothes are shaped so perfectly, and how they are cut pretty much makes up the architecture of the clothing. The red jacket is cut SO perfectly!

All images taken from here.


  1. ohh i really like the rebecca minkoff and rachel zoe collections!! awesome post!

  2. love the charlotte ronson pieces! i remember she did a line awhile back for sears i think, and i jumped on a bunch of stripey floral things! great post!

  3. Love the Rag and Bone and Charlotte Ronson collections, thanks for posting!

    Be Frassy


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