Fashion Week: Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Jil Sander Navy, Ralph Lauren & L'Wren Scott

Normally, I would follow fashion week from the beginning straight to the end. However, since I had three tests directly in the middle of Fashion Week, I've dedicated a few posts coming up to the gloriousness of Fashion Week. I've put together a little a few of my favorite looks from a few (dozen) shows [31 to be exact]. 

I love the use of reds, silvers and golds from his fall line. My favorite look of all had to be the red lace dress below. It's absolutely stunning and something I could definitely see myself wearing.

While I don't feel like he used may colors, I do feel like he used different textures and different patterns. My favorite look from all of his looks would have to be the black dress below.

I love, love, love pretty much everything about this line. From the colors, to the textures of the fabrics, everything is absolutely beautiful. 

I had never heard of this designer before, but the second I clicked on her show I fell in love. I love the classic-ness of the look. It fits exactly what I'm looking for when going to different stores to put together a new, professional looking closet. 

Tory Burch was a Theta, like me, so she definitely holds a special place in my heart. Even so, I'm not biased (promise) in saying that her line is absolutely fantastic. I love the second picture, the dress, so much. It's an iconic piece, like many of her other pieces.

To be honest, I'll probably never be able to afford any of these specific outfits, but what it does mean is that I find inspiration from these outfits while I'm shopping! Did you look at any of these shows? If so, what were your favorite looks? 

All pictures taken from here


  1. Gotta say, I like this line up sooo much more than what you've got up today.
    That's probably because i LOVE MK and RL, though.
    Tory Burch's line is my favorite, though!


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