Fashion Week: Calla, Altuzarra, Derek Lam, DNKY and Betsey Johnson

I feel as if this line was so perfect and girly, with dresses in beautiful pastel patterns. So in love with all the different colored tights as well!

When I think of winter, I'm usually thinking of black and white. Black, obviously mainly the choice color of clothing that I wear, and white for the beautiful snow that  blankets the ground, not here of course. This show brought me to the colors of the winter I think of, while adding a little shine with golds and silvers. 

Once again,  you see so much of the beautiful black and white color scheme, while throwing in hints of other colors as well. The first outfit would probably be my first favorite while the third outfit is a close runner up!

I wasn't particularly wowed by this show, but the more I lok at the specific pieces I picked out to show, the more I love them. I love the sheer aspect of the fuchsia dress, and the hidden bird in the white and black coat. I feel like it's the little things in this line. 

Betsey Johnson:
To be honest, I could never really see myself wearing a lot of what Betsey Johnson had designed, that was until I saw this line. I LOVE this season's line for everything that it is. So many beautiful patterns and designs. I like how she had different looks going from pants, to a gold dress. So beautiful and so much fun! 

All images from here.


  1. Betsy Johnson never disappoints. I love her aesthetic. Now, if I could just afford her clothes...

  2. I loooove theh Betsy Johnson line. That gold dress. Mm.

  3. all such great pieces! love the layout girl!
    xo TJ

  4. Such great looks! Those pastels are just fantastic! Such a cute blog! :)


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