Dating A Film Major

I've mentioned before, but my boyfriend is a film major. Along with dating a film major, you learn things about movies that you never thought you would know, or care to know quite honestly. After we see movies and he wants to talk about them, which I don't mind, I've learned so much about the process it takes to make a movie and everything little fact ever...but not really. 

Anyways, I was taking a quiz on sparknotes to review before my Taming of the Shrew quiz for my Shakespeare class I came across this question: 

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is the name of a movie that is coming out/came out (not sure which one) but when I saw this I had to quickly take a screen shot of it and send it to Elliot. He got a crack out of it and it made him laugh (always my goal!).

Do you ever notice silly little things like this? 


  1. ha gotta love the little things like that - especially when it comes to studying

  2. it would be so interesting to learn more about everything which goes into making a movie.
    love what you sent him :) x


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