Cleaning Out Your Closet

It's that time again, for me at least. Time to clean out your closet. I'm really not a messy person, most of the time, but at times I can be such a slob. I can try as hard as I wish to keep my room organized and clean but every now and then it just gets to be too much. So this week I decided to spring clean my closet! 

 [two closest, at two different houses]

I started out by clearing out all of my old clothes that I don't wear anymore. Things that aren't my style any more and things I haven't worn in a very long time get tossed to the side first! If it didn't make me feel good or look good, I probably don't wear it anymore, I tossed those to the side as well!

Now that I have all my old clothes tossed out, I have to make all of the clothes that I'm going to keep after cleaning in the closet/dresser. So this means finding space for everything. Things that make keeping my closet clean are huggable hangers, adhesive hooks, hanging shoe organizer (or closet door organizer), storage cube things, and lastly bed risers (aka my life savior in the sorority house).

After this, I go through and sort my clothes. I like to sort them by type, then season, and then color. I know a lot of different types (you would think it would be complicated but it's not, promise).  After clearing out old clothes (and donating them), I went ahead and cleaned my closet. I mean, everything is out already so what does it matter now!

[all the clothes to give away!]


  1. Wow you are the organization queen of the world. I should have you come clean out my closets, they need some love!


  2. Ahh! You're inspiring me to clean out my closet too!

  3. i'm so ready to clean out my own closet!

  4. Nice! Crazy how many bags of clothes you have to give away, but what a great feeling!

    Be Frassy

  5. look at all those clothes to give away! i really need to do a little decluttering myself!
    xo TJ

  6. I love cleaning out my closet! (You always feel inspired to buy new clothes, even if that's not the point haha) :)

  7. i really need to do this! Spring cleaning has been looming over me for some time now!

  8. I am just about to go through this daunting task myself within the next couple of weeks! Getting rid of clothes always gives me pains but an edited closet is a working closet so I know it must be done!


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