A Trip to Atlanta

Recently, Elliot and I took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to visit our friends Kristen and Greg. I was in their wedding this past June and was dying to go and see them again, however with her being in graduate school up there and me being in undergrad down here it was hard to find time to go and see them. We finally found a time the weekend before Christmas that worked for both of us.

[silly boyfriend driving; he wasn't a fan of me taking pictures while he was driving]

The drive up there was absolutely miserable, until we got to Georgia. I love driving/being in the car/road trips and usually it’s not too bad when we’re in the car for more than 7 hours. Personally, I hated driving through Mississippi and Alabama there was nothing pretty for me to look at, but once we got into Georgia the hills began to roll and it was so green and beautiful.

[a beautiful tree in downtown Atlanta]

I love Atlanta, but driving on the interstate there gave me a heart attack (there are five lanes, on each side of the interstate and people were driving crazily). Once we got there, we had an amazing time. We watched seven or eight movies in three days, went downtown and saw a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, ate at Farm Burger (a delicious locally grown burger joint), went to the aquarium (more on that later) and relaxed and talked with friends. 


  1. I have always wanted to visit Atlanta! It seems like such a beautiful city! Happy you had a great trip- once the drive was over :)


  2. Your blog is totally adorable!! Want to follow each other??:)

    Shelby xoxo

  3. Driving into Atlanta is insane!!! I drove through or around (can't remember) on my roadtrip a couple of years back, and I just remember the millions of lanes and the speed limit being 70, but everyone else were doing 90!! Freaky!

  4. Interstates are sooo scary! That tree is amazing!


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