A Trip to the Atlanta Aquarium

A week (or so) ago I posted about my trip to Atlanta to visit some friends  (you can find it here). It was there when I mentioned about a trip to the Atlanta Aquarium (my boyfriend Elliot and I are huge aquarium nerds). We could (and did) literally spend hours upon hours in an aquarium. So when we went to Atlanta, it was a no brainer that we had to go to the Georgia Aquarium. It was gorgeous, the layout was magnificent and it was HUGE! I could spend hours just watching the manatee’s alone, they’re possibly one of my favorite creatures. It was a little expensive (for a broke college student) but it was completely worth it, and if you’re in Atlanta any time soon. I would most definitely suggest going there!


  1. I've heard that the Atlanta aquarium is AMAZING. My boyfriend goes to University of Georgia and he went there when he toured the school...he said it was the most amazing thing he's ever done. I hope to go when I visit him!


  2. You really should check it out! It's so worth the money!

  3. i'm obsessed with aquariums!! i could stare at the fish all day!

  4. Oooh I love going to aquariums. The last time I went to one was last year in San Francisco at this place called Aquarium By The Bay. I had an amazing time. I love your pictures.

  5. Oh! If I ever make it out there I'm going to HAVE to check that out, it sounds like such a wonderful place! And thank yoU! I use a Nikon D90ŠI've had it for a few years but just started to use it a little bit more. I'm learning slowly but surely I'll get the hang of it!

  6. Same here, there's just something so captivating about them.


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