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Going back to school on the 17th, I continuously try and think of things that make me happy about school, besides classes of course. I'm a double major in History and Anthropology, with a double minor in Italian and English. Intense, I know, it sounds scary. Trust me, I have a load of never ending class work (with 19 hours this semester), nonstop long distance relationship dealings (it's only 1 1/2 hours away; not bad, but not easy), two jobs (one all week and then one for the weekends), and lastly but not least endless sorority things. So I made a little list of things that make me happy when I'm in school: 

Sweet things: I live in a rented house ten minutes away from campus with two roommates, which means sometimes things can get kind of crazy. However, every now and then I wake up to little things that my roommates have done. Things like brewing a pot of coffee or boiling tea and leaving extra coffee/water heated up, sharing clothes with my roommates, or even when my sorority sisters in the same class as mine will sign me into a class I missed from either oversleeping or having something else to do in a class. 

[one of my roommates/my best friend at a Turkey Day Party]

Classes being Cancelled: It's not very often that my classes did get cancelled last year but when they would be cancelled it was amazing. Usually, it wasn't my earliest class but a lot of times it was my last class which was perfect and I could go straight home, or to the sorority house or run to the gym real quick. 

[my home away from home; my sorority house]

Really, really good spots in the library: Call me a study nerd or what you will but you know you get a really amazing feeling when you get a spot that's perfect for you and your friends to study. Or when you get to the library at the perfect time to get a study room with your friends. 

[that girl in the middle, she's my future rooms next year/study buddy/best friend since the 4th grade]

Anything and everything free: Come on now you HAVE to agree with me, getting anything for free is amazing. It may not seem like much at the time but when they give you free things like a water bottle, pencils, pens, and scantrons you get a little giddy inside. 

This semester I'm going to try and focus more on the positive things that come my way. With so much going on, I can sometimes get bogged down with all the bad things that come my way. I'm going to take advantage of all the good things because who knows, it may only get worse in the "real world"


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  2. way to go girl! you are so brave and especially even more brave because of your positive attitude.


  3. I'm a sorority alumni and I definitely know how hard it is working full time/ going to school full time, and trying to balance outside activities...props girl!! You'll be glad you took on everything in the future, it will pay off. xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. all of these images are just so beautiful! and your school majors and minors sound so intense!!! where are you going on your study abroad?!
    xo TJ

  5. Thanks y'all for all the kind words!

    @Mr. Taylor - I hope to go to Italy to study abroad to finish my minor there!

  6. This post makes me miss college! I love that you get excited about scantrons- I used to take pride in perfectly filling in those bubbles...

    And study abroad was the BEST decision I made!


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