Things to Do Over Winter Break

We're still in Winter Break territory, in fact I'll be on break until January 17th. With the break comes a lot of spare time and while I'm not 100% sure what to do with all the time (I'm not really used to having a lot), I had to come up with a few things to do.

Netflix, netflix, netflix: Almost quite literally this is what I have been doing at one of my jobs, and at home. My boyfriend is a film major, so he most definitely has a list of movies/shows for me to watch. Needless to say we spend a lot of time on Netflix and just watching shows/movies. 

Cleaning Out My Closet: It's part of my Winter Cleaning (kind of like spring cleaning, but more in depth really; but more on that later). I usually get a few new clothes and books and things for Christmas, so when I do I try and replace items, one new item for one old item. I've got a bunch of things that I don't think I'll wear in the next year/haven't worn in a long time so it's perfect for me to donate to the less fortunate. 

[disclaimer, this is not my closet (you'll see that soon)]

Craft Time: I have two little sisters (sorority little sisters, they're my babies pretty much and I love them with all my heart), and I see a lot of crafts that are perfect presents, random gifts for them (and my family). I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest. 
Read, read, read: I'm an avid reader (hello History major and English Minor) but I like reading books that have nothing to do with my school work. During the school year it's hard to find time for me to read all the books I'd like so the breaks are a perfect time for me. 

[just finished this book]

Baking: I'm a good baker, and for Christmas this past year I decided to make all of my friends four different types of homemade cookies. They all actually came out really well and my friends enjoyed them a lot. It wasn't a lot but it was definitely something I enjoyed doing. 

[making cookies]

How do you spend breaks?



  1. We must have similar interests because I did everything on your list this break. My closet has never been so organized!
    Catherine Denton

  2. I love the Netflix idea! I've been trying to catch up on my DVR!

  3. you have so many amazing things to do on your break! most especially pinterest, baking, reading and NETFLIX!!! hubs and i looove it.


  4. We've been watching Lost almost every night. I've seen the whole series but the boyfriend hasn't. So far, he loves it!

  5. I love this so much! You have some amazing ideas here. Baking is so much fun to do over break, and I am all for getting into a new show. My friend recently bought Boston Legal - it's great!

  6. I'm with you on the reading, I keep trying to but I get distracted by the TV. Hoping that once I'm back at uni, I'll be better at my resolutions X

  7. Totally watching Lost on netflix too! What season are you on?

  8. Lovely blog girl! :0)
    LOST is AMAZING! My hubby and I watched all seasons i swear, in like 2 weeks! haha!

    Now following you <3 follow me back?

    xoxo, love&hugs

  9. I am currently watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. i was so surprised that I actually like the show- I thought it would be dumb and a complete rip-off from Twilight. Netflix is the best!! How was the book, "American Adulterer"? I'm always looking for new books to read!


  10. cooking! and throwing out junk too. such a good feeling to get rid of some crap.


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