Need A Little Change Up?

Yeah? Me too. I feel that with the New Year, I need to change things up a little bit. There are a few things that I’ve been doing (and plan on doing) that will make me feel refreshed and renewed for a New Year and for a new me!
·      Redoing my room at the house my roommates and I rent out: It’s really hard for me to redo things once school goes into full swing but during my winter break, I finally had time set aside to deep clean and add a little bit of new to my room. A little bit of new would be adding flowers as much as I can, hanging pictures and inspiration, and lighting candles and incense.

·      Redoing my closet: Every now and then I notice a few things in my closet that are there from a few years ago, that I haven’t worn since a few years ago, and that I’ve fallen out of love with. If you can’t decide whether to keep a piece of clothing or not try it on! You fell in love with it for a reason, see if you still love it. If you need a second opinion, take a picture and send it to a friend. Once you get everything together donate them or sell them to a thrift store!

Some of the clothe's I'm donating [but more on that later]
·      Changing up my look: I’ve done this multiple times before, and so I did it once again! I was blonde when the New Year rang in and now I’ve got auburn hair!  I love experimenting with nail polish, makeup, and clothes I really don’t ever wear. Next step: get a haircut! I know I desperately need one.

Maybe back to this color again.

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