Looking Back on Freshman Year: Things I Wish I Knew [Part 2]

This is kind of going off a post I did yesterday about things I wish I would have known before going into my freshman year. 

Develop a routine. I'm busy on a daily basis and usually having a schedule helps me to accomplish everything that I need.

Make a budget and stick to it.  It is so expensive to go to college and it's hard having so much freedom with your money but trust me it helps SO much to make a budget and stick to it! Buying textbooks is expensive, so it's really good to either rent or share with a friend.

Get a good laundry bin. My mom got me one from L.L. Bean and I absolutely love it. It's large enough to fit all my clothes and small enough to fit in smaller spaces. 

[my freshman first semester dorm set up; I never said I was clean]

Buy a flash drive (4 G.B. works best for me) and use it. It's so good for printing emergencies or sharing files at a moments notice. It really, really, really is a lifesaver. 

Use a notebook or your computer. It's all about figuring out what works best for you to take notes. 

[my baby]

Become involved with school or other activities. I joined a sorority to keep me busy and to help me get outside my comfort zone, it helped me so much! 

[bid day 2010]

Stay involved in school by doing homework, reading your syllabus, and going to study groups. End of story. (Oh and professors will help you!)

[oh, and don't study in bed or you'll end up like this with your friend taking pictures before she wakes you]

You're going to change and grow but stay positive! Try new things! Experiment and learn about yourself. Don't be afraid to try new things!

[freshman me, sophomore me; both have no makeup and crazy hair]

Just because you're in college doesn't mean you have to rush into relationships or even friendships!


  1. such great advice!!
    <3 steffyhttp://steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com

  2. This gave me flashbacks to my college self... I think it has been (gulp) 6 years since I was a freshman. As an older and (somewhat wiser ;) ) woman - can I stress the importance of budgeting. Student loans sound scary, but just wait until the payments start rolling in.

    Okay, enough of me acting like a mother ;) love your advice!

  3. I appreciate all the advice, really! Especially since I want to go to grad school (and maybe even go for a PhD).

  4. wow this brings me back to univ! all great tips though. 

    i wish i had taken more pics of my roommate sleeping. god that girl loved to sleep. she would come home from class, lay down in back with her jacket and backpack still on, set her alarm and go to sleep. then she would wake up 20 mins later and just get up, walk out the door and go to her next class. hilarious!

  5. Haha I would do this as well sometimes! What can I say, freshman year wore me out!

  6. when I was in college, I so so wish I had been better about budgeting--I think that was one of your best points! I hope you're enjoying every minute for me...I miss it! have a happy weekend! xoxo {av} |{long distance loving}

  7. Aw! Thanks so much! I work hard to stay on my budget, and usually i can stick to it! I hope you had a good weekend as well!

  8. hhaa....yes! flash drive is a MUST! even when you're not in college anymore.


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