Looking Back on Freshman Year: Advice I WIsh I'd Had [Part 1]

As I sit on my couch and look forward to the next semester, I look back to the last year and see the situation I was in. Last year at this time, I had just finished my first semester in college, working and newly in a sorority. Life was going by fast and I was so confused. Looking back, I wish there were a few things that someone would have told me before college. 

Changing your major is OKAY! I started out in Architecture and then switched from History/Anthropology. I had the hardest time deciding to switch because going into college I thought I had a plan, but once I got there it wasn't at all what I wanted it to be. In high school I jumped from one activity to another and interest to interest. I had a plan, and that's the way that I wanted it to go. I hated the courses I had to take and fell in love with the ones that I didn't have to take (i.e. my History and Anthropology classes).  I talked to friends, family and my boyfriend, went to my advisor and career services. I was/am SO much happier in my new majors/minors than I would have been staying in architecture, something I fell out of love quickly

[this completely describes freshman year, first semester me. I brought my Architecture homework to a friends get-together]

You don't have to reinvent yourself, but if you do it will not happen over night. When I went to college, I rushed a sorority to meet new friends and forget my faults to have fun and be outgoing and confident. If I tried hard enough, I could become anyone I wanted to be. But that didn't happen instead what did happen was over time (read: my entire freshman year). After the first few months, I got used to being around my sorority sisters and finally made real, honest relationships with them. Although it was hard for me to open up, I eventually did. I did become the outgoing, fun and confident person that I wanted to but it just took time. 

[I joined a sorority with my best friend since fourth grade; best decision I've ever made]

You will get homesick. I live in the same city that I grew up in (except on the opposite side of town now) and I go to college in the same town. During the summer, I was so ready and so prepared to go to college. My friends are a year ahead of me in school and they had just finished up their freshman year. I wanted SO bad to be with them and I didn't worry about leaving home. I missed home so badly on the first few weekends away that I went home every few weekends. I missed everything about home (stability, family, home cooked meals, etc.). I soon realized that I was very lucky to still live in the saem town as my parents and could go home whenever.

[my entire family (yes even my divorced parents)]


  1. what a nice post!! =) A couple of years ago I was an exchange student in the us then when I came back to Italy I wanted SO SO BAD to go to college there! This post makes me miss it even more!! lucky u =)

  2. Nicole erlandsonJuly 11, 2012 at 9:12 PM

    I live at home but I know I miss my bed in the mornings lol. I take a majority of my classes online at home so I feel less home sick. However, because of school, I do miss other family. School prevents me from seeing them as often as I use to and because of this I often feel home school :/ I too switch majors but at first I didn't want to! I told myself before ".. I am not going to change my major..." then I did. It was for the best. My major was Biology (wanting to become a doctor) but then things change and I decided to switch to my schools Pre Physician Assistant program. It wasn't that big of change, ha. Good luck with yout studies!


  3. Great style and good taste.


  4. I've contemplated taking online classes but our campus is too beautiful for me to stay at home! Good luck with your studies as well!


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