Looking Back on Christmas Break [Part 1]

For me, school began back on Tuesday. This means lots of tests, studying, working, sorority meetings & other important things, getting ready for my junior year and slightly freaking out about what I want to do for the rest of my life. So, I've compiled a list of instagram photos of some of the things from my winter break: 

1. Groceries for starting a new year 
2. My brand new Francescas bag.
3. Coffee and a good book while waiting to be interviewed for the school newspaper
4. A silent Baton Rouge while a friend drove us home 
5. Three computer screens at work, because obviously one just isn't enough 
6. A gash on my leg from not paying attention while shaving....
7. Roommate and her boyfriend at movie night at our friends 
8. Buffalo Wild Wings at 1am, after movie night (of course)
9. Another coffee, after working with the kids 
10. Dressing "punk" for a sweater-vest themed going away & coming home party (also known as the party of mixed emotions) 
11. My "punk" makeup for said party 
12. A delicious dinner for the boyfriends parents restaurant's christmas party 
13. Mashed potatoes (my go to sick food)
14. Green tea (my go to sick drink)
15. A movie night, at our house, with friends 
16. Walnuts - my work-snack food


  1. you don't need to decide what you're going to do with the rest of your life yet. i still haven't decided what i want to do the rest of mine, and i'm 26! :)

  2. Goodness gracious, that's so good to hear! I'm taking everything one day at a time and just enjoying what I have in front of me now!

  3. Amy @ Five Kinds of HappyJuly 11, 2012 at 9:13 PM

    Love your "punk" makeup! You can actually pull that look off. Awesome!

  4. Aw! Thanks so much! It was more of a joke than anything, I'm really awful at wearing makeup!


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