How to Get Ready in Less than 30 Minutes

Clearly not a morning person - Christmas morning at the grandparents.
I don't know about you, but I am not a morning person at all. I try and stay asleep as long as I can, sometimes pushing the snooze button up to three times... This can be a problem for me sometimes, as I don't want to look like a hot mess going into my 8am class. 
So to combat for my love of sleep I try and shower at night (and blow-dry my hair) and then go to sleep in the underclothes I'll be wearing the next day.
 I will not skimp on my face routine in the morning, doesn't matter how late I am. This is because the healthier your skin looks, the less makeup you're going to need. And always, always, always moisturize.
I always try and set out the things I'm going to wear/the things I need for the next day by my door so I can quickly get up and go in the morning. Another thing that helps me is that I have a lot of "basic" clothes in my wardrobe so if I do forget to pick out something at night, I'll be able to just run to my closet and throw something on!


  1. It's like we're the same person! Lol this is pretty much EXACTLY what I do. 

  2. Smart advice- I sometimes do skimp on my face by not washing it in the morning and I pay the consequences later.

  3. Oh no! I cannot go without washing my face for an entire day, I just feel gross!

  4. Great advice. I've been trying to find new ways to speed up my morning routine. The problem is that I just LOVE a warm shower in the morning.

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  5. I don't blame you! If I had the time (aka woke up on time) I would probably spend more time on getting ready but I just love my sleep!


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