Horrid After-the-Holidays Hair?

I don't know about you but when the holidays come around I put my hair through SO much. My poor hair has to go through multiple washings a week (normally I'll wash it every other day to keep it nice and healthy), moose, hairspray, teasing, straightening, curling, blow-drying, and a multitude of different hairstyles with elastics and bobby pins. Needless to say at the end of the season, my hair looks like this: 

I know, it doesn't look completely horrible but the thing is I have dyed my hair a lot in the past year (more on that coming soon), and I haven't gotten a haircut in over a year and a half (I know it's realllly bad, I just can't make myself get one -- mainly because of procrastination). BUT! There are a few things you (and most definitely I will be doing) to salvage my poor hair:

Get a haircut: I know how important it is to get a haircut, really you should get one every three-four months. It will take care of your dry and damaged hair and if you want with a new year, try a new haircut (or if you're a little nervous about cutting your hair you can just get a trim)!

Do a deep condition: My hair goes through so much torture (especially last year), so every now and then I like to try and help it out a little bit and do a deep conditioning treatment (or even a hair mast). I try different products each time since I haven't found one that I'm in love with yet. 

Don't use leave-in conditioners, get an oil!: You may be like me and thought that you can get so much more out of a cream instead of an oil, or scared that an oil may leave your hair looking just that, very oily. They don't necessarily leave your hair very oily, in fact if you're nervous how it looks after one shampoo, shampoo your hair twice and skip the conditioner!

Treat your ends: I know, even better than a lot of people, that your ends can make your hair look awful since that's the place that is more susceptible to become dry and damaged. If they're split just get them cut off, if ont then try and use a product that is specifically for this use!


  1. Wonderful tips! Thanks so much for sharing! I am your newest follower! xo

  2. I am right there with you gal, I need a hair cut so badly, but I am being such a terrible procrastinator about it. I will have to try some of these in the mean time!


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