College Living Problems

So heres the deal: I live in an older (not taken care of at all) rental house with two of my good friends. It's the perfect house for us because we all have really hectic schedules (with working, school and other important commitments) we needed to live close to school. It's literally a five-ten minute drive (I'll be parked and start walking on campus) depending on the lights you catch. Sounds perfect right? Wrong. The house is a really cute house, on the outside, but has not been taken care of AT ALL. It's kind of run down and whenever there's a problem we rarely get any feedback from the landlord. Trust me, we've had fleas, the kitchen sink leak, the light in a bedroom not work, and these are just the "bigger" issues. So, moral of the story is the fact that it's an older house...I just got caught up rambling. 

Anyways now for the story: My roommate Cab and I are both studying, we study together (it's totally not distracting at all sometimes), and so we decided to take a break. Unbeknownst to us we both decided to shower at the same time. Y'all this was the WRONG idea. Luckily before then we have never had two people in both the showers at the same time. I was in the middle of washing the shampoo out my hair and all the sudden the water started to get slower and slower. I was so confused. Then, to my horror, the water turned freezing. I quickly jumped out the shower only to hear the water still running. Then it hit me, Cab started to shower as well.

After she got out the shower she came to me, scared our water heater wasn't working (we had this problem before as well), and I told her it was PROBABLY because we were showering at the same time and our water heater was really small. She calmed down, but then we had to make an agrement not to shower at the same time ever again...what can I say we both love hot showers. 

End silly story. 


  1. Good thing there are only a couple of you living there!

  2. Ditto what Alex said! Thank goodness there's not 4 or 5 of you living in the same house! 

  3. Oh I know! Next year I'll be living in a sorority house with 58 other girlsŠwe'll see how that goes!

  4. Oh my gosh.  this reminds me a bit of the time I showered and it was too hot for my dorm smoke detector...  I think you're interesting and now I follow you (bloglovin)

  5. Haha oh gosh! That would have scared me so much! And thanks! You're too sweet!


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